Thursday, May 30, 2013


The next Ghost Box Study Series 7" and download, Number 9: "Projections", is due out on 28th June.
New York's Listening Center enrol for the Study Series and present a powerful analogue electronic epic, Titoli. Pye Corner Audio appear on the B side and take Listening Center's "Town of Tomorrow" for a spin across the dusty dancefloor of a deserted dance hall. 

On super heavyweight 7" vinyl in the usual luxurious Julian House packaging. Pre-order in the Ghost Box shop now.

Friday, May 17, 2013


There's a new release this week on Jon Brook's Cafe Kaput label. Its an anonymous release (stage whisper: "It's Jon !") with the utilitarian, library-esque title, Vol 1. Science and Nature.

Free of the confines of The Advisory Circle, Jon's gone to town on his ever expanding modular synth and put together this compilation of beautiful cues. The references to Chappell and Studio G classics are spot on and the sound sculpting and melodies are an absolute joy. I suspect JB had a lot of fun putting this one together  and needless to say its as beautifully produced as ever. (Artwork by Moon Wiring Club's Ian Hodgson by the way). Get it here or here...

Another digital release this week is by Belbury parishioner, and occasional Belbury Poly drummer, Jim Musgrave aka Land Equivalents . Its an EP entitled Good Morning. Fantastic drumming as always from Mr. Musgrave and his keyboard chops are pretty nifty too, with soaring fuzz pedal synth melodies that make it a free 'n easy, uplifting experience. That one's available here...


Friday, May 10, 2013


In the Ghost Box shop (and many other good stores real and digital) today.

On luxuriously packaged and illustrated 8 panel digi pack CD
OR super heavyweight vinyl LP (includes free download code card with access to full album and bonus CD tracks)
OR simple, old fashioned, ever lovin', download.

 LP download card.
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