Wednesday, January 21, 2015


The next two singles in our Other Voices series both feature very special guests.

Other Voices 03 introduces an exciting new ensemble, The Pattern Forms. Made up of Jon Brooks (The Advisory Circle) with Ed Gibson and Ed MacFarlane (both of Friendly Fires). Expertly crafted, dreamy, electronic pop with light, airborne vocals and just a hint of dark magick.

The next in the series is by Steve Moore, well known for his retro futuristic work both as a solo artist and as bass and keyboard player with Zombi. This single for Other Voices, captures an elegant and minimalistic performance from Moore on analogue synth, Hammond organ and vintage string machine. Two perfectly balanced and paired down science fiction landscape miniatures.

Here's a beautiful trailer video for the B side of Other Voices 03, The Sacrifice, made by Ed MacFarlane:

Both available from 27th February on super heavyweight 7" vinyl or download. Pre-order here now.