Wednesday, March 31, 2010

See Winter Sun Wavelengths at The Wire Salon

There'll be another chance to see Winter Sun Wavelengths with the new soundtrack by Belbury Poly and The Focus Group and another performance by Moon Wiring Club this Thursday in London's fashionable Shoreditch. Its an event hosted by Wire magazine, here's what they say...

The first in a monthly series of salon-type evenings hosted by The Wire at East London’s Cafe Oto venue. For this opening event, Mark Fisher (K-Punk) heads a panel debating the uncanny quality of so much contemporary audio, from spectral disco to dubstep, Hypnagogic pop and beyond. The night will also include screenings of films by Julian House (Ghost Box, The Focus Group) plus DJ Mordant Music. London Cafe Oto, 1 April, 8pm, £4.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Exemplary Youths

Thank you very much indeed  from all at Ghost Box, to everyone who came along to Sunday's Belbury Youth Club in Birmingham, especially for those who travelled so far to join in. Nice to have met so many of you.

We'd also like to thank Moon Wiring Club for the beautifully entertaining and entrancing set, (we hope that the journey back through the portal to Clinkskell went smoothly, but we could only hold it open briefly).

We'll have News of the next Youth Club Night soon.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Programme of Activities

for the Belbury Youth Club Night this Sunday.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Penda's Fen

When Andrew Male of Mojo magazine introduced us to the film Penda's Fen, it was unfamiliar to me but one image immediately connected to a haunting memory that had howled around in the back of my label colleague's mind since childhood.

As a (very young) kid in 1974 Julian House had crept down to peep in at the lounge door on the adults only world of post watershed TV. An image of a teenage boy waking from a nightmare only to be met by the malevolent gaze of a demon squatting on his chest seared into his mind and set him scurrying back to bed.

This sweaty seventies rendering of Fuseli's Nightmare is one of the more powerful images in the film but it shouldn't mislead you into thinking this was just another of the era's late night supernatural chillers. Written by David Rudkin and directed by Alan Clarke , it's partly the redemptive story of an awkward outsider coming to terms with his sexuality, but it also deals with the eternal struggle of Christianity and Paganism at the heart of English identity and landscape. Its a truly beautiful piece of visionary mysticism.

Read more at John Coulthart's excellent Feuilleton blog and if you're in Brimingham this Sunday (28th March), come along and see it at aound 6:30 pm at Vivid at The Belbury Youth Club Night.

Listen Again at the BPM.

If you've not heard it yet the very first Podcast from the brilliant Jon Brook's Cafe Kaput can be downloaded here. Jon's playing the very best psych, soundtrack, electronics and library music. Highlights for me included Hot Butter's Slag Solution and Telltale's theme from Rainbow in all its full length glory.

Another radio treat you might have missed  was Moon Wiring Club's guest appearance on Jonny Trunk' OST on Resonance. Lots of fun and laughs as usual plus Catweazle, Mike Reid, Ace of Wands, and bad DIY advice. That one's here.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Belbury Youth Cub Night

Tickets are now on sale for the Belbury Youth Club Night on Sunday 28th March in Birmingham's Vivid. You can get tickets and details here  (there'll also be a limited number of tickets on the door). Starting at 5:00pm there'll be some unsettling  TV drama, new animations from Julian House, Public Informations Films, and a new version of the short film Winter Sun Wavelength with  a new Focus Group and Belbury Poly soundtrack. Then from around 8:00 in the evening we'll have music from  the Ghost Box DJs and special live guest Moon Wiring Club.

Normally the busiest day of the week for me of course, but widening the Belbury spiritual community is vitaly important work. Join us. (parishioners note: there will be no Evensong on the 28th)

Friday, March 05, 2010

Monday, March 01, 2010

The Advisory Circle on The Freak Zone - 7th March

My apologies ! It seems that The Advisory Circle will be guesting on the Freakzone on BBC6 on Sunday 7th March (not feb 28th as previuosly announced). Everything else in the previous post still holds true. Probably.