Thursday, April 28, 2016

NEW WAYS OUT - THE BELBURY POLY pre-ordering now

Due on 27th May and available to pre-order in the Ghost Box shop now. The new album from Belbury Poly melds krautrock, glam, faux folk and ancient TV soundtracks across eleven joyous, slightly camp and oddly unsettling instrumentals. Moving away somewhat from the haunted electronics and occult signifiers of his earlier albums, Jim Jupp convenes his floating ensemble of session musicians to continue the exploration and illustration of their parallel world landscape. Including a guest appearance from The Advisory Circle's Jon Brooks on piano on The Green Scene.

...transporting you to those especially daft places only BP can – Tizer-fuelled 70s youth club discos with side-rooms for Ouija boards
Carl Griffin, Electronic Sound
Pre-order now for 27th May.  CD and LP packaging designed by Julian House with additional artwork by Jim Jupp. The 180gm LP includes a free download card.

Monday, April 25, 2016


The Quietened Village is a  new compilation from the beautiful blog/boutique CDr label A Year in The Country. Its available now in the Ghost Box Guest Shop in two lovingly made versions.

 Dawn Edition

The regular Dawn Edition - A hand-finished textured fold out sleeve with white/black CDr  with  liner notes insert and badge.

 Night Edition

and the deluxe Night Edition - A hand-finished box-set containing an all black CDr, 12 page string bound booklet, 4 x badge pack and 2 x stickers.

 Both editions

The album evokes a  beautifully atmospheric pastoral reverie, and a ghostly sense of loss. And the names to conjure with...

Howlround, Time Attendant, The Straw Bear Band, Polypores, The Soulless Party, The Rowan Amber Mill, Cosmic Neighbourhood, A Year In The Country, Sproatly Smith, David Colohan and Richard Moult.

Both are ultra limited to only 52 copies and here's what A Year in the Country say...

The Quietened Village is a study of and reflection on the lost, disappeared and once were homes and hamlets that have wandered off the maps or that have become shells of their former lives and times.

Inspired in part by images of sections of abandoned, submerged villages and the spires of their places of worship re-appearing from the surfaces of reservoirs and lakes, alongside thoughts of dwellings that have succumbed to the natural erosion of the coastline and have slowly tumbled into the sea.

Some of the once were and lost villages which were seedlings for this body of work still stand but their populations are no more, those who lived there evicted at short notice and never to return so that their homes and hearths could be used as training grounds for those who would fight during great conflicts between nations.

Such points of reference have been intertwined with possibly more bodeful reasons for this stilling and ending; thoughts of Midwich Cuckoos-esque fictions or dystopic tales told and transmitted in times gone by and imagined/re-imagined in amongst the strands of The Quietened Village.

Friday, April 01, 2016

NEW WAYS OUT coming MAY 2016

The new album from The Belbury Poly, NEW WAYS OUT coming this May.

Available now, THE APPLE TREE by Hintermass.