Friday, January 22, 2016


An exhibition opens today in  Wood St. Galleries, Pittsburgh, entitled Pastoral Noir. It features work from Ghost Box RecordsTessa Farmer, Jem Finer, Tony Heywood & Alison Condie, Autumn Richardson & Richard Skelton and Semiconductor it examines both real and imagined British landscapes and folklore.

A space devoted to Julian House's work for Ghost Box will be screening a continuously rolling film retrospective as well as a smaller video installation, print work and a display of artefacts from Ghost Box's parallel world.

The exhibition runs January 22nd to April 3rd, more information here.
Here's how Wood St. describe the show...

Guest curated by Justin Hopper. Artists: Tessa Farmer, Jem Finer, Ghost Box Records, Tony Heywood & Alison Condie, Autumn Richardson & Richard Skelton and Semiconductor
Through their visual, sonic and sculptural investigations into the English landscape, the artists in Pastoral Noir have discovered a dark and eerie place. Using science and language, memory and myth, these works immerse the viewer in uncanny landscapes both real and imagined.

Friday, January 08, 2016


Over the holiday period we managed to secure the last few copies of the majestically beautiful new album from master tape manipulators, Howlround. . We have only 15 vinyl only copies of Tales From the Black Tangle in the shop and they're expected to fly out.

Following a busy summer that has seen them touring with Disintegration Loops legend William Basinski and securing commissions from a Portuguese funeral parlour, a cavernous former reservoir beneath Copenhagen, The Kensington Olympia and a profile on BBC 6 Music’s The Freakier Zone; tape loop wranglers Robin The Fog and Chris Weaver are delighted to announce the launch of their fourth LP as Howlround. As with previous albums and their increasingly spectacular live performances, this latest work was created entirely by manipulating acoustic recordings on a trio of vintage reel-to-reel tape machines, with all additional effects and artificial reverb strictly forbidden. Distant trains, industrial sirens, foghorns, seawash, ship to shore distress signals, even a BBC microphone cradle in need of some oil all are folded into the duo’s darkest and most eerily compelling work yet.

Uncanny, mesmerising, difficult & sublime – The Quietus
Strange and wonderful glory – The Wire
The last piece of true Radiophonics? It’s QUATERMASSIVE! – Ghost Box
Aural Ectoplasm: ☆☆☆☆ – Record Collector Magazine