Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Spare Tabby at the Cat's Wedding

Over at the Ghost Box shop we've teamed up with Gecophonic records to bring you the new album from Moon Wiring Club, A Spare Tabby at the Cat's Wedding.
A kaleidoscopic selection of Edwardian parlour hip hop confectionery, from our friends in Clinkskell . Its available on vinyl and CD, both of wich are lavishly illustrated and packaged. Its the Moon Wiring Club's best and most enigmatic release to date.
However, this being the eccentric world of MWC, the two versions of the album are very different - in fact the similarities are carefully hidden and artfully woven into each format. For this reason  there's a special offer on the  vinyl and CD bundled together. You can watch a video for the CD track, Slumberwick Dreams here.

Rust Bucket: MWC's Ian Hodgson
For more clues to the baffling conundrum that is Moon Wrirng Club visit the Blank Workshop.