Thursday, October 25, 2012

Belbury Youth Club - Glasgow - Halloween

Its Belbury Youth Club night next Wednesday at Glasgow's Mono, with a live set from Pye Corner Audio. There will be an exhibition of Julian House's artwork put together especially for the event, which will run for  a week or so after the event in the Mono Cafe, some of the art will be for sale as well as some exclusive new posters.  

Advance tickets are £10 at wegotickets, or in person at Tickets Scotland or Monorail. There'll also be a few on the doors at £12.  Doors are at 7:30, and activities will start off straight away with our film programme. Here's the schedule for the evening...



Thursday, October 04, 2012

Happy Days: The Children of the Stones BBC R4

Having grumbled about the BBC in an earlier post I'd like to draw parishioners attention to what they do so well. This is Stewart Lee's fantastic documentary about Children of the Stones.

Pre-Order Sleep Games

The new album from Pye Corner Audio, Sleep Games is available now from the Ghost Box shop. Release date is 19th October.
Please note due to a manufacturing delay Ghost Box won't be able to get stock out to the usual stockists by the release date. Apologies for this, but if you prefer to get your copy in your local record store you'll have to hang on until end of the month.