Thursday, April 29, 2010

Resonance FM Fundraiser this Weekend

This weekend , 1st & 2nd May please lend your support to the Resonance FM fundraiser. You can do this by bidding for all kinds of exciting art, music and objets in the weekend long auction or just by listening and spreading the word.

Two marathon sessions will be anchored by Jonny Trunk on Saturday and Bob & Roberta Smith on Sunday. You can listen in London on 104.4 FM or anywhere in the world on the website or, easiset of all, on the little gizmo at the right hand side of this blog.

Here's what Mr. Trunk has to say about it...

"This coming Saturday I am broadcasting for 12 hours on Resonance FM. The station is 8 years old and is having a 12 am to 12 pm super fundraiser on both Saturday and Sunday with all money raised going to keep the station up and running. The station is a charity by the way.

We have a whole heap of fabulous and strange things up for auction - rare records, weird days out, superb clothing, one off art, paintings, posters, instruments, studio equipment, scooter wear, even some superb and desirable wine has been donated. My current fave is the bespoke racing overall (like Steve McQueen wears in Le Mans, or Elvis in Speedway or like that bloke wears in the impossible dream Honda advert), which will be made in a colour and size of your choice.

Donations to the auction have come from some superb sources: Stewart Lee, Christian Marclay, YMC, Rapha, Sounds Of The Universe, Pete Fowler, Ghost Box, Julian House, The BFI, Henry Cow, Throbbing Gristle, Bob And Roberta Smith, The Chapman's, The Winery, Fuel etc, and I'm even putting up some rare vinyl I was saving for a rainy day, like a Tubby Hayes Voodoo test pressing and stuff like that. I've had a look at some of the bits and bobs up for grabs, and I really like the Pete Fowler painting he's done just for the auction, of a bear playing a synth in the woods with all these UFOS coming in.

Anyway, the show will be broadcast live on Sat 1st May from 12am to 12pm, we will be taking bids on line and on air too. The show can be heard on 104.4 FM (not digital) if you are in London, or can be streamed live on And the station takes paypal, so paying for anything you win is almost painless."

Interview with The Advisory Circle

There's a great interview with Jon Brooks of the Advisory at the rather excellent webzine The Quietus.

Much food for thought, though we would like to point out that Jon's opinion's on footwear are at odds with official Ghost Box policy.

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Séance at Hobs Lane is back.

The Ghost Box shop has just re-stocked a limited quantity of the darkly majestic album Séance at Hobs Lane by Mount Vernon Art's Lab. Click here to order it right now.

Ghost Box Interview

During the last Belbury Youth Club Ghost Box and Moon Wiring Club were interviewed for Birmingham based internet radio channel Phantom Circuit. These can be heard as part of two special shows available here.