Wednesday, July 02, 2014


Public Information's marvellous compilation picked from 30 years of electronic cues from the Standard Library label, is available now in a gorgeous double LP package in the Ghost Box Guest Shop.

Public Information say,

"Unofficial sequel to our Parry Music compilation from 2012, here again we step into the world of library. With official permission granted from the label itself we have selected 31 tracks from UK library music institution Standard Music spanning 30 years of electronic play, this is Happy Machine.

Standard Music Library was established in 1968 as a partnership between independent music publisher David Platz and London Weekend Television. Themes and incidental music for hit LWT shows like Black Beauty, Upstairs, Downstairs, On the Buses and The Professionals, were written under Standard’s wing. A breathtaking who’s-who of musicians recorded under the Standard banner, pressing up records that are now found in the rare as hens-teeth zone; Brian Eno, Delia Derbyshire, John Gregory. Those who feature on Happy Machine include... Brian Hodgson, John Kongos, Richard Thair, John Keating, Mike Vickers, Marco Pirroni and none other than Beatles producer George Martin jamming out on a Moog.....These characters and more are nestled comfortably here on Happy Machine as we try to make sense of our favourite electronic moments from this incredible library.

We trip from desolate Radiophonic ambient, to cute bleep-idents, to stark contemporary drone to jagged electronic scorch. There are moments of square-Italo groove, freaky electroid-psych and early 70’s Beat. Moog-heavy workouts sit nervously aside unsettling concrete. Harsh science-fiction drama bristles against gentle Romantic interludes. This is electronic library music laid bare in all its wonderful diversity; sounds for a thousand images, scores for myriad backdrops."

Tuesday, July 01, 2014


The new series of singles by regular Ghost Box artists and some very exciting guests commences later this month. The series is called Other Voices and kicks off with a collaboration between Sean O'Hagan of the High Llamas and Jon Brooks of The Advisory Circle.

Brooks and O'Hagan show off their effortless songwriting and masterly production skills in two beautiful pieces of gentle sunshine pop, with a warm blend of acoustic instruments,  synth and voice. This is a  must-have, limited, first part of a series that promises to be very exciting indeed. Future contributors that we are allowed to mention  so far include, Steve Moore, Ed MacFarlane (Friendly Fires), Listening Center, Pye Corner Audio and The Soundcarriers.

You can hear the A side, Calibair on the latest Radio Belbury Programme.  Its available from 28th July on a super heavyweight little chunk of vinyl or on donwload but you can pre-order right now from the Ghost Box shop.