Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Xylitol - Music Played by Other People

More of what I think we're now calling  "Confusing English Electronic Music" emerges this week in the shape of a two volume 3" CD album of remixes of music by cult electro-kosmiche artist  Xylitol (aka Jim Backhouse).

Two years in the making Mr Backhouse has coaxed re-interpretations and re-imaginings of his tunes and unfinished sketches by a very diverse set of artists, including our own Belbury Poly, Woebot, Sculpture and the Cambridge scenesters explored in this month's Wire: Um and Nochexx.  Each set of this very limited edition comes with a unique hand made bundle of artwork and is available right now from the Xylitol Blog.

Talking of Sculpture, take a look at their beautiful website and movies here.