Monday, February 07, 2011

Radio Belbury Programme No.2 "Magpie and Crow"

Presenting programme No. 2, in what will hopefully be a monthly spot. This month features a sneak preview of the upcoming Advisory Circle album, As The Crow Flies.

If you want to get in touch about the programme the address is , I'd love to hear from you. (The show is exclusively available through Mixcloud incidentally, because being a fully licensed service all the artists get payed for plays (not much mind...grumble)).

Talking of things Brooksian, you can now download both episodes of Resonance FM's Weird Tales for Winter recorded by The Advisory Circle and Moon Wiring Club for free right here. Its William Hope Hodgson's "The Gateway of The Monster" a tale featuring the redoubtable psychic sleuth Thomas Carnacki, music by Mr. Jonathan Brooks and read in the genial fireside tones of  Mr. Ian Hodgson . No relation, or is he ? Is he ?

And to accompany this Jon has released a download soundtrack album on his own Cafe Kaput label.

You can buy it here priced £6.99. Each copy comes with sleeve notes as a PDF and a hi-res graphic of the lovely Blank Workshop cover art. Anyway before you get too excited, don't forget you're supposed to be listening to my show first. The name again ?  It's...