Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Today Bread, Tomorrow Secrets

A new album from Moon Wiring Club has just arrived at the vicarage. Well actually its two albums, well no its kind of one. Anyway its two discs with the same title. As always in the world of MWC nothing is straight forward or quite what it seems, and I think the easiest way to describe this delightful new package is as one album released across two formats.

The LP carries the moody, atmospheric beat free numbers, a slightly more "electronic" sound than we'd usually expect from MWC, beautifully arranged and well suited to the format. It sounds like someone has spiked your Earl Grey with something that appears to cause time slippages and facilitate communication with animals.

The CD takes us right into more familiar territory where we gavotte-hop the night away with chimeric Edwardian ladies.  Sorry to sound like a tw*t, but this is the clearest picture I can give you of both.

Its the best production sound of any of Ian Hodgson's albums to date, thanks I'm guessing to the paternalistic technical guidance of Jon "Advisory Circle" Brooks. Listen out for the mystery recorder playing guest too.

I won't even attempt to describe Mr. Hodgson's artwork except to say its  as lavish, lovely and insanely detailed as ever. The devil, as they don't say, is in the millinery and confectionery. Bonkers.

For more information and  equal amounts of obfuscation check the MWC website, Blank Workshop. Release date 33rd November apparently.