Monday, June 13, 2011

Ghost Box DJs London and Portsmouth ahoy

Two Ghost Box DJing events this month. The first will be this weekend on the 18th June at the SHNDG micro festival in Protsmouth, where your vicar will pour oil on the troubled waters of the avant garde by playing some light, melodic music. A marked and possibly ill advised contrast  to what is billed as a...

night of Noise, electronics, DIY sonic reverberation and drone. Which as its founder, creator  & custodian of all things Shndg Mr Stevens says "should make for an evening of distinctly uneasy listening."
Ticket only event available from the Wedgewood Rooms, Southsea


Then on Sunday 26th at London's Lexington on Pentonville Rd, London Mr House and I will again be offering balm to troubled souls at The Hangover Lounge...

A soft comedown club for hard drinkers, The Hangover Lounge is the place to eat Sunday lunch, drink hair of the dog, meet like-minded souls, read the papers and make idle chit chat all to some soothing sounds. That might mean country rock or deep soul or psychedelia or soft pop or lovers rock, or anything else which sounds great and will make your head feel so much the better.

The Hangover Lounge is on each and every Sunday from 2pm. Hangover optional, dancing not required.

The sunday afternoon club for saturday night drinkers, playing a relaxed blend of reggae, soul, indie, folk, and psychedelia at a volume you can talk over.