Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pre-Order Study Series 5 and 6 now

The next in the Ghost Box Study Series singles will be released on download and 7" vinyl on the 8th April and can be pre-ordered now at the Ghost Box shop.  Listen to clips here.

Study Series 5, "The Open Songbook", is by Hintermass a new collaboration between Jon Brooks of The Advisory Circle and Tim Felton of Seeland on vocals and guitar. For the first time pop music comes to Ghost Box, in the form of rich, melancholy song underpinned with haunting analogue electronics.

Number 6 is "Le Train Fantôme" from Jonny Trunk, the head of re-issue label Trunk Records and natural ally of the world of Ghost Box. On this single Trunk plays with a wonderfully woolly palette of electronic sound reminiscent of grainy old stop motion animation soundtracks.

Jonny borrowed the title "Le Train Fantôme" and the cover image from the fabric designs in the beautifully realised world of the same name by Fanja Ralison, Julian House's partner. Visit Fanja's blog and shop here.