Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Moving Through Old Daylight

As part of John Foxx's Analogue event at the Roundhouse in Camden,  Ghost Box have been invited to take part in discussion panel, along with author Iain Sinclair and John Foxx himself.

The discussion will be chaired by Mark (k-Punk) Fisher and illustrated with film and sets out to explore the overlap between the panel members' work. How are places saturated with the traces of past events? How do technologies affect memory, and what role does fiction play in allowing us to map the haunted spaces of the city? The event entitled "Moving Through Old Daylight", will be held at the Roundhouse's Studio Theatre, 5th June 4:30 pm.

John Foxx and Benge at work in Play Studios

Julian and I were thrilled to be invited along to Benge's Play Studios to hear some tracks from the forthcoming album that the duo will be releasing under the name of John Foxx and the Maths late summer / autumn 2010.  The tracks we were privileged to hear were incredible, Benge's synth museum providing an authentic and rich back bone to lyrics elegantly poised between the Romantic and the Ballardian.
Admittedly as a long time fan , I'm a little star struck and possibly prone to hyperbole, but this is my most eagerly awaited album release of the year. From what we heard this record will encapsulate the stark, newness of Metamatic, the soaring Romance of Foxx's epic 80s albums, the lush choral cloudscapes of Catherdral Oceans and Mirroball and the laser guided synth pop of Shifitng City. Whats more its sounds thoroughly contemporary and I think will be adored by the current generation of artists influenced, unconsciously or not, by Mr. Foxx's oeuvre.

Here's a sneak preview of an uncut promo...

The main event at the Roundhouse on 5th June of course is the live show, which will be performed on a an impressive array of analogue gear. As well as Benge, John Foxx will be joined on stage by former Ultravox guitarist, Robin Simon.

And finally its anoraks on for the live kit list...

Synthesizers and Sequencers:

ARP Odyssey x 2
ARP Sequencers x 2
Crumar Multiman
EDP Wasp
Korg MonoPoly
Korg 700
Logan String Machine
Moog Mini x 2
Moog Modular plus Sequencers
Moog Opus 3
Roland Modular System 100m x 10 Modules
Roland SH2
Roland SH-101
Roland Juno 60
Sequential Circuits Multitrack

Drum Machines:
Amdek Percussion Synthesizer
Boss Dr Rhythm
Linn Drum
Klone Drum
Roland CR78
Roland TR808

Effects and  Processors:
Boss Chorus
Boss Flanger
Boss Phaser
Electro Harmonix Electric Mistress Flanger
Furman Spring Reverb
Ibanez AD80 Analog Delay
Maestro PS-1 Phase Shifter
Mu-tron Phasor
MXR Phase 100
Roland Space Echo RE-201

Other Equipment:
Tascam & Revox Analogue Reel to Reel Tape Machines