Thursday, December 10, 2009

Parish Hit Parades

'Tis the season for lists, and in this spirit I've invited several of our parishioners to contribute a top 10 chart for 2009. Musical, cultural or otherwise. First in are the following:

Top Ten Good And Bad Celebrity Records I found this year.

Rock, Gently - Rock Hudson
Brian Maxine - Brian Maxine
Jack Palance - Jack Palance
Brian Clough - You Can't Win 'em all
Kenny Everett - The Electro People
Ahab The Arab - Jimmy Saville
The Bard's Recipe - Vincent Price
Shut That Door LP - Larry Grayson
Joan Collins - Chalk And Cheese
Dave Prowse & The Green Cross Code Kids sing Old MacDonald and  other hits

10, music only and excluding  Ghost Box releases (how kind ! vic.)

Bene Gesserit: Fashion is a Dirty Word
Die Gesunden: Die Gesunden
Die Kapizatat: Leichte Stimmen
Rod Stewart: Gasoline Alley
Kraftwerk reissues
Micachu & the Shapes: Jewelry
Konkrete Kanticle
Swell Maps: Jane from Occupied Europe
Position Normal: Position Normal
Mattias Aguayo: Ay Ay Ay

Ken Hollings
a 2009 Cultural Top Ten

Death of J G Ballard
Death of Tony Hart
Death of John Keel
Death of Hans Holzer
Death of Lux Interior
Death of Sir Ludovic Kennedy
Death of Claude Levi-Strauss
Newspaper headline: Wrestling Midgets Are Killed by Fake Hookers
Newspaper headline: Beauty Queen Dies After Buttock Lift
Death of Michael Jackson

More to follow as they come in.