Thursday, September 18, 2014


Next Thursday 25th September, Julian House and Jim Jupp of Ghost Box will be DJing and showing a special selection of Ghost Box films and imagery as part of a series of events in Rome's Swiss Institute called Popular Helvetica.

The evening is called "Folk & Pop Sounds from the World", and explores how a selection of contemporary record labels are repurposing and re-imagining folk and "world" music traditions in their own unique ways. As well as Ghost Box there'll be a set from Switzerland's Cyrill Schläpfer of CSR, and heading the bill is Alan Bishop of Sublime Frequencies. The evening will open with a live acoustic set  from an ensemble on traditional Swiss instruments lead by Cyrill Schläpfer.

Doors 17:30 and the ingresso is libero !
Tutti i dettagli in Italiano.