Thursday, April 16, 2015


In the GHOST BOX GUEST SHOP now, Jon Brooks' Music for Thomas Carnacki LP.

In 2011 Jon Brooks (The Advisory Circle, The Pattern Forms, Hintermass, Georges Vert, etc) created a score for a Resonance FM production of a short story by William Hope Hodgson. Called Gateway Of The Monster, it featured the psychic detective character Thomas Carnacki .

Utilising banks of oscillators, tape edits and analogue delays, Brooks created themes, cues and abstracts to depict the dark Edwardian setting of the story. This has just been pressed in a super limited edition of 300 on Norman Records' Fleece imprint. These sold out instantly, but we managed to secure the last 50 copies.

Artwork  is courtesy of Ian (Hope) Hodgson of  Moon Wiring Club , who also narrated the story when it was broadcast. Each album includes a free download code.

Here's a special mix that Brooks put together to mark this vinyl release.  It opens with the spine chillingly majestic Carnacki Theme: