Friday, April 12, 2013


For a while now Shindig magazine has been a big seller in the Belbury Newsagents, so excitement here is rather high as this month editor, Jon "Mojo" Mills has the vision and generosity to open the broad doors of  his psychedelic church to Broadcast, Ghost Box and a wealth of influences that feed into their worlds.
Thomas Patterson interviews James Cargill for an astounding and sensitive feature on Broadcast, illustrated by Julian House.  Occasional Belbury Poly plank spanker, Christopher Budd talks to Messrs Jupp and House for a profile of Ghost Box Records. There's a a history of The Children's Film foundation and a fantastic primer on the world of the Italian giallo film illustrated with another great piece of House artwork. As if that weren't enough  there's a profile of the ISB's Mike Heron, Mark Brend on White Noise and a piece on new ager's Emerald Web in the run up to a Finders Keepers compilation.
Its hard to imagine any other publication that will be of more interest to members of this Parish right now, so get yours here or at these stockists.