Friday, August 24, 2012

Pye Corner Audio and Stratus

This October Ghost Box will release a new album from the latest addition to their roster, Pye Corner Audio. Its titled Sleep Games and it'll be available on vinyl and CD with sleeve notes by Mark (k-punk) Fisher. Clips, dates and more info soon here and at the Ghost Box website, but meanwhile here's a rare peak at some of Julian House's developing artwork concepts.

Martin Jenkins of Pye Corner is also one half of the filmic, psychy, expansive sounding Stratus and their new self release album is available now on download and CD here. This is a beautifully produced and massive sounding album,  that you really should check out.

The title As the Crow Flies is not to be confused with the Advisory Circle album of the same name - by a remarkable coincidence and unbeknownst to each artist both albums were titled at exactly the same time. Both groups stuck to their guns agreeing to take it as an auspicious sign that they were on to something good.