Thursday, January 19, 2012

Black Mill Tapes: Volume 3 - coming soon

The Head Technician at Pye Corner Audio kindly sent me a promo of the latest Volume in The Black Mill Tapes series and it seems he's save the best till last. This is the most fully realised of the lot so far and really cements the Pye Corner Audio sound in a world of  rain swept, industrial spaces and forlorn dance floors. That's not to say this is a bleak or miserbalist affair - the tunes range from melancholy to awe-inspiring to damned funky.
Another of the vicar's partisan reviews maybe - but I strongly recommend you give this a try. You can get it here on 24th January.

Also I'd like to share the exciting news that Pye Corner Audio are working on an album for Ghost Box, hopefully to see the light later this year.