Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Imperfect Recall - Exhibition 25th September to 20th November

London artist Paul Smith will be curating an exhibition titled Imperfect Recall, at The Architects Gallery, Teddington, South West London. Open to the public this Saturday, 25th September and running until 20th November, the exhibition features a variety of artists exploring false memories and the gaps between past and present, hostorical fact and recall. The work of Ghost Box's Julian House will be heavily featured in print video and artefacts.

One of Julian House's collection of parallel world paperbacks
The exhibition includes work by Adam Bainbridge, Ronald Ceuppens, Oona Culley, Simon Reid, Hugh Russell, Alexander Sirbu, Paul Smith, Ruth Uglow and Daniela White are also on display. This is a commercial exhibition with  avariety of prints and paintings on sale so don't forget your credit cards and cheque books.

Download the official exhibition guide here and  please direct any enquiries here, and not to Ghost Box or The Parish Mag.

Here's a selection of just some of the works:

Adam Bainbridge - Visionary Landscape
Paul Smith - The Girl in the Glade
Julian House - Medium

Alexander Sirbu - Semne De Constructii
Julian House: See They Await Us
Ruth Uglow - Athena

Ronald Ceuppens - Jongen met Confituurvinger
Simon Reid - Walpurgis Eve, Mistley