Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Daytrip to Hollingsville

Music critic and author Ken Hollings dropped a note through the vicarage door to let us know that a recent episode of his Resonance FM show, Hollingsville entitled "Dreams: While the City Sleeps", features Julian House talking about dreams, cutups and sixties spectral transmissions  and is available as a podcast from this link.

Also the June issue of INTO, the sound and music online publication, has just put up a shortened version of  Ken's essay 'Spaceship UK' . This was commissioned for The Sonar festival and presents a history of British electronic music including Tristram Carey, Joe Meek, The Radiophonic Workshop, and Ghost Box in a context of British science fiction and bygone visions of the future.

You can catch more hot air from the Ghost Box curators here, in a recording of Saturday's event at the Roundhouse in Camden, "Moving Through Old Daylight". Archived courtesy of  Mark Pilkington.